A way to add user badges to users.


The User Badges module allows each user to be assigned 'badges' which can be displayed as a series of iconic images.

A popular use is to display the badges along with the user's information within forums, comments, or node postings. These badges can be assigned individually by the administrator or attached to a role so that, for example, all users in the 'admin' role will show the 'Administrator' badge which could display as a graphic letter 'A'.

Any badge can optionally be associated to a URL that links the image to a description page. If a user has more than one badge, there is also a mechanism that allows administrators to only show the highest-level badge. You can also set a special badge for blocked users and even override their role badges with this one.

User Badges can be used as a way to establish trust (in the same way as eBay's star graphics), or as an incentive for users. They can also be a quick way to identify moderators, administrators, or anyone with a given role.

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